Dr Grace Mansah-Owusu

Young people and Adult Counsellor

Do you wish to have someone you can speak clearly to about anything in a confidential and safe space? Are you longing for a place where you can talk and not be judged? As a psychotherapist, I speciaise in creating safe, non-judgemental therapeutic environments where people can work through their troubles, anxieties, thoughts and behaviours. Going through life with ideas and thoughts that you may feel are ‘wrong’ ‘abnormal’ or ‘weird’ can be difficult. Having a counsellor, can help you gain clarity and see patterns. I want to make it easier for people to feel like they can share and be themselves in the therapy room. Starting therapy can be daunting and when there is an element of the unknown it can seem difficult. Even during scary times I can help to guide you through the therapeutic journey.

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