Hannah Commodore

Receptionist Counsellor Trauma Specialist , Couples, Individual and Teens

Hannah is a qualified counsellor and believes that everyone knows what is best for themselves, and understands that life throws adversities at us that lets us loose ourselves along the way. We all need Godly wisdom, compassionate mentor and a timely intervention to help navigate through parts that we cannot seem to understand.  Hannah uses a Person Centred Approach with a variety of therapeutic approaches to fit each individual client’s needs; she enjoys working with all ages and likes the variety this adds to her knowledge and expertise.  
Hannah does not think She could just have one song that played every time she walked into a room. She loves music and it really helps to moderate her feelings and brings her a sense of joy.  
The words within the song“because he lives, I can face tomorrow,” Helps her to understand herself and purpose and bring her peace.
Hannah loves the words in Mariah Carey’s song hero,  
“So when you feel like hope is gone
Look inside you and be strong
and you'll finally see the truth
that a hero lies in you.
Lord Knows”  
Hannah believes everyone has the intrinsic ability to change their situation and therefore must be given the opportunity to explore that quality.
If her Success was assured, she would attempt to be queen, just because she would like to be able to enjoy her riches and make big demands.  
The most rewarding part of counselling is seeing the client that came in, come out at the other side. When they have resolved, or worked through what they came into counselling with, and are happily continuing to lead their lives. That gives her a great sense of joy because she was a part of that.

Face to Face

Sundays: from 10am- 1pm, 2pm -5pm.
Mondays from 4:00pm – 9.00 pm
Satellites are open on different days according to counsellor availability

Telephone Counselling

Everyday day from 9:30am-5:30pm
We also provide Skype counselling and online counselling is to be introduced as soon as our website is completed.

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