Sharon Semple

Trauma, Couples and Family, Domestic violence and abuseCounsellor

My journey into counselling began many years before I qualified in 2008. As a teenager I was interested in listening to people and helping them to solve their problems. I remember the ' Problem Page' of any magazine or newspaper was the first to catch my attention as I looked for the advice that would be offered by the professionals. As I progressed in age I often found myself being the 'listening ear' to friend and strangers alike and I felt fulfilled as they left feeling less burdened. I, therefore, decided to formalise my skills by training as a Counsellor.  
I am trained in a number of modalities - Psychodynamic, Person-centred, Inter-cultural and Systemic. My work with clients has varied from 1:1, Couples and Families. I am also an experienced Group Worker, working with Anger Management, Domestic Abuse, Low Self -Esteem, etc. My experience has included work with adults, young people and children.  
I have a passion for working with families and couples. As a Systemic Practitioner I believe that strong families form an important part of keeping families healthy. It is, therefore, important for families to work together in order to find ways of dealing with issues that affect family relationships. I am encouraged when I see clients - families, couples or individuals - taking steps to practice new skills and making a shift towards achieving their therapeutic goals. I also count it a privilege to be part of the CCS Team and to use my training and skills to work within the church.  
When I am not counselling I enjoy singing, reading, walking, exercising, hanging out with friends, travelling, writing and poetry.

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